For this sale to be successful we need many volunteers.  There is a great incentive for helping: Volunteers get to register first, and they get to shop first, even before consignors!

Volunteer shopping will be on Wednesday and the time you shop depends on the number of hours you work.

Volunteer shopping schedule:
Work 20+ hours shop at 2:30 pm
Food providers and sorting crew shop at 3:30 pm
Work 10 hours shop at 4:00 pm
Work 6 hours shop at 5:00 pm
Work 2 hours shop at 6:00 pm
Missions Committee will shop at 7:00 pm

Volunteers can also shop at 7:15 am on Saturday (50% off).
Doors open to the public at 8:00 am

We welcome anyone who would like to volunteer.  Just can’t get your things together in time to consign?  Are you a grandmother who would like to shop with your daughter?  Why not volunteer, so you can shop early?  Can your husband help with setting up and breaking down? Send him and get your hours! We have several MAN SHIFTS available on the sign up.  We need men to help with set up on Sunday and breakdown on Saturday.  We also need men to help us during the sale carry furniture and heavy items out for people.

We want everyone who would like to volunteer to have the opportunity.  If you have a tight schedule and the only time you can work is not available, please contact us at and we will see if we can work something out for you.

Childcare: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to offer childcare at this time.

Volunteer T-shirt:

  • All volunteers will be required to purchase a worker T-shirt. The T-shirt must be worn during your volunteer shift(s).
  • FUMC will help pay for ONE shirt, so the cost will be $3. You are welcome to get additional shirts, they are $7. This is the honor system, please do not abuse.

Provide a Meal or Snack Volunteer – We have volunteers who provide meals for the workers who have to be there all day. There needs to be enough food to feed 15 hungry workers. In order to ensure that the workers have meals that everyone will like and are good reheated hours later, we will be asking for specific meals from specific restaurants. This enables us to know exactly what we are getting and when. Meal and snack providers will be allowed to shop at 3:30 pm on Wednesday. These meal and snack slots are very popular, so this is what we do…..If you are interested in a meal or snack “shift”, please send an email to with the word Meal as the subject line and we will announce more details and who was drawn via email.