When do I drop off my items for sale?

For regular Consignors, receiving happens at Trussville First United Methodist Church on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of sale week. You are encouraged to make an appointment for your drop off time to avoid long lines. You will see signs directing you to the rear of the church for receiving.

DONATE ALL consignors will have no lines, no waiting!! Again, DONATE ALL means you are willing to donate everything that did not sell by Saturday at 2 pm.

Second Chance Consignors: Thursday from 9-11 is Second Chance Drop Off If you registered as a second chance consignor, you must drop off this day and this time. This day cannot be used by regular consignors as their drop off time for all their items, but it can be used by regular consignors to drop off a few additional items. Second chance consignors must bring only those items allowed at Second Chance.