What items does TMCCS NOT accept?

NO plastic or plastic coated wire hangers will be accepted.
NO straight pins – They are dangerous to workers and shoppers!!!
NO small safety pins – they do not stay attached very well and tags tend to fall off.
NO clothes that are stained or have holes will be accepted.

Please do not waste your time tagging items we cannot accept.

Recalled items are never allowed. Please check to make sure that your items have not been recalled. Here is a great website to check it out. www.Wemakeitsafer.com. Just a reminder about what some restrictions we have on accepted items.
We only accept cribs manufactured after June 2012.

No crib bumpers.
No children’s jewelry at all.
No baby bath seats manufactured before 2011 (if they have suction cups or are missing a warning label, it was probably manufactured before 2011)
No clothing with drawstrings at the neck.
No Breast pumps.
No Breast pump accessories, pacifiers, bottles, or other feeding items unless NEW with tags in original packaging.
No Bras, panties, training pants or other undergarments unless NEW with tags in original packaging.
No diaper pails or genies.
NO VHS tapes
Non-electronic stuffed animals
We will not accept out-of-season clothing (only fall/winter clothes at Fall sale and Spring/Summer Clothes at Spring sale. With the exception that we always accept blue jeans, short sleeve polo type shirts, and team shirts (Alabama, Auburn or high school).
We will not accept clothing that is stained, torn or is out of date. If you have children in middle school, please do not consign their baby clothes. A good barometer is if it hasn’t been worn in 5 years, it is out of date.
We will not sale any items that may frighten or offend children.
We will also not accept outdoor toys at the Fall and Winter Sale. Bikes, wagons and riding toys are accepted at all sales.
Tennis shoes or shoes if they are very worn and dirty. Please wash all tennis shoes before consigning.