What is Second Chance Registration?

We offer a second chance registration for each sale. If you missed getting a spot in our open registration, we are offering you a second chance. We are allowing 50 people to register for a special restocking receiving time. There are several restrictions, so PLEASE read this carefully before you decided to register.

So that you understand what we mean by restocking, we allow our volunteers to shop on Wednesday night. Our volunteers LOVE to shop, and they really clean us out. We are offering you the opportunity to help us restock our shelves with your items. Your items will be out for sale before consignors and the public shop, so over 1000 people will see your items. You will NOT be allowed to drop your items off before Thursday. Our church can only hold 450 consignors, so we will not have room for your items until Thursday. If you try to drop off before Thursday (even if you are able to get a drop off time earlier) you will be turned away.

Items can ONLY be dropped off from 9:00 am to 11:00 am on Thursday. You can still sign up for times other than this on the computer, but if you show up to drop off, we will send you away.
We will NOT allow these items to be dropped off during restocking (these things do not sell very well during volunteer sale, so there is no room to restock).
Baby clothing newborn to 12 months (boys and girls)
Bedding, receiving blankets, etc.
To register for Second Chance, go to the registration tab on the home page of this website.