How do I print tags?

Follow these directions to print your tags:

-From the sale website:
-Hover over “Consignor”
-Click on “Consignor log in”
-Type in consignor number and password
-Click on “Activities Menu”
-Click “Barcode Labels/tags”
-Fill in price you need to print
-Fill in # of labels at this price
-Click “submit barcode”
-Continue to add barcodes to your order until you are done.
-Click “submit order” on the right
-When the next screen opens, click on “Display Barcoded Tags for Printing”
-PDF opens

You do not have to print 6 per page!
You can use old tags AND new tags!

To donate, you will need to write a RED “D”or “DONATE” on the right-hand corner of all tags.

**We recommend that you save the .pdf of your tags to your computer, flash drive or the cloud so that you can print in between sales.***