How do I prepare my items for sale?

We only take gently worn non-stained items. Beginning in the fall of 2019, we are no longer accepting boutique stained items *Please note….in the strong lighting of the check-in room, we will find stains you did not notice. Nearly every consignor has stained things returned.

Clothing must be on metal hangers secured with safety pins as needed. Clothing should hang so the hanger hook is going to the left and the tag placed on the right. And see our Facebook page for more videos on how to hang and tag correctly.

Tag your items using only Trussville Methodist Consignment Sale tags. Tags must be printed ONLY on card stock. We will accept TMCCS tags from previous sales/years.
If you want to DONATE any of your unsold items after the sale is complete, please hand write DONATE at the top of all our tags.

Shoes need to be zip-tied together or placed in a large zip-top bag with the top taped shut with strong packing tape.

Toys and Baby Equipment: Fasten tags securely to your items with clear packaging tape. Do not use scotch or masking tape. You can also punch a hole in the top of your tag and attach the tag securely with a ribbon or string tied very securely or a zip tie. If there are several pieces that are being sold together, please zip tie these together and have a tag for each one that says, 1 of 3 and 2 of 3, etc…