How do I clean my items?

These are only suggestions please use at your own risk.

  • Yellow Stains after storing: Mix a cup of regular, (powder) dishwasher soap, a cup of non-chlorine bleach, and a scoop your regular laundry soap. Put that in a load of hot water, add the clothes and soak overnight. Finish the cycle as usual in the morning.
  • Kool-aid or Jello-type stains: Hot Water works great. Hold fabric taunt and pour hot water from a height of about 8 inches. Rinse and soak as needed.
    Crayons on clothing that was washed: apply Goop (hand cleaner found at Walmart etc) liberally to stain and then allow to sit. Put it in your regular wash. This is an inexpensive product to try on fabrics that have been washed with crayon.
  • Plastic toys with stains, marks or stickers: Oops is a latex paint remover that has worked well to remove stains, marks and stickers from of plastic toys. Test the toy if the plastic is thin, but most thicker plastic toys such as Little Tikes will do well. This will also take crayon off of chalkboards without damaging the finish! Remember to wear rubber gloves! Find this product at Wal-Mart and most hardware stores.
  • Plastic Toys: Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser works wonders on plastic toys. Test a small area on the toy first before using all over.
  • Shoe Laces: Soak your white laces in Biz and your shoes will look 80% better!
  • Grease Stains: For dark spots on dark fabrics, which are usually a grease stain, use Dawn Dishwashing Liquid. Rub into the stain and wash as normal. Almost always works great, even if the item has been dried in the dryer. Occasionally it will take treating twice.
    Grease stains: on clothes that have already been dried in the dryer, rub baby powder into the fabric and let sit about 5 minutes, baby powder will soak up the grease. Then wash as normal. May have to do several times.
  • Ink and some non-washable markers: can be cleaned with regular aerosol hairspray by straying and then washing.
  • Blood and a variety of other stains: can be cleaned by soaking the stain with Hydrogen Peroxide them washing.
  • Stains: Sometimes will fade/be ‘bleached’ by placing the item outside in the sun.

Cleaning products worth mentioning

  • Mother’s Miracle – Great for spit-up, urine, blood, etc. Found at Babies R’ Us
  • Clorox bleach pen – is a good spot remover on white fabrics.
  • Goop – hand cleaner – good for grease – goes on without water – apply liberally and let sit, then put in regular wash cycle. Has been found to remove stains from clothes that were washed and dried.
  • Oxy Clean Warm/hot water is the key here. Make a paste with warm water and apply directly to the stain with a toothbrush. Allow this to sit for at least an hour. Rinse in warm water and reapply if necessary. Soak in a sink of warm water and dissolved Oxy Clean crystals for an hour or so before washing in warm water. This has gotten many stains out for me, but can take more than 1 application
  • Biz: is great for soaking all kinds of stains loose. Just soak in the sink then wash as directed in the washer.
  • Tilex: This product normally found in the bathroom will work on white clothes with mildew stains? It is a bleaching product, so beware and use carefully. On white clothes, just spray on the stain and let sit, simply rinsing if you see blue spots appear. Using Tilex on colored clothes should really be a last resort as bleach spots are easy to cause.
  • Greased Lightning: (sold with household cleaners). Just spray on your stain (DON’T be alarmed when clothing changes color, it will return to original color during wash), let it sit for a while and then wash as usual. Most stains will come out in the wash. Difficult stains may require spraying a couple of times.
  • Carbona Stain Remover: many solutions for different types of fabric.

Trussville Methodist Consignment Sale is in no way endorsing the use of any of the above products (name brands) or methods. These are tips used by myself and other individuals that have worked. Follow manufacturer instructions for use and check the care label of your garments. We are in no way liable for damage done to any piece of merchandise as a result of the use of tips on our website