Can I sell a toy that doesn’t work?

The short answer is NO!
We have had a problem with items being sold that are missing pieces or do not work. This is a problem for everyone because it gives our sale a bad name, and will cause people to be cautious about everything they buy. This is not fair to the consignors who double-check everything before they consign. We expect all toys to come in clean and in working order. You must include batteries so our receiving volunteers can check that the toy works. If it doesn’t work, it will be returned to you.

As has been stated repeatedly about consigning at our sale, consignors are required to make sure that all pieces are there and the items are in working order. Unfortunately, every year we receive items that should not be sold. For that reason, we have created a return fee. If you consign something that does not work or is missing pieces and it is returned to us, we will refund the original cost of the item to the purchaser, remove the 70% you received, AND we will charge you a 30% return fee. We are hoping that this will ensure that all consignors check their items before consigning.