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Spring 2021 Virtual Sale Information


How To Enter Consignor Inventory (PDF)

Please see the NEW information regarding the Trussville Methodist VIRTUAL Spring 2021 Consignment Sale.

Please note the new DATES and TIMES for Registration, Shopping and the Work week!

Shopping Days: Friday, April 9th – Saturday, April 17th

Volunteer Work Week: Sunday, April 18th– Saturday, April 24th

The public sale dates will be Wednesday, April 14th through Saturday, April 18th until noon. (Discount day will be Saturday).

Several items have changed since our last sale. Please read the details below to make sure you get all of the new information.

  • Volunteer Registration – Sunday, February 28th, 3:00pmuntil full (Must be willing to work at least 2 hours) for all new and returning Volunteers Register to work and consign.
  • Returning Consignor Registration – Sunday, March 7th, 3:00 pm (for all non-volunteering consignors who have consigned with the sale at least once before)
  • First Time Consignor Registration – IF we have space for new consignors, we will register them on March 14th, 3:00 pm (for all non-volunteering consignors who have never consigned with our sale before).
  • All consigned inventory must be entered by midnight on Tuesday, April 6th.
  • MEALS and SNACKS – see details below

Now, heres all the extra details!

Volunteer Registration – As always, we need your help to make this sale great.  We will open up Volunteer Registration Sunday, February 28th, at 3:00 pm to the first 200 volunteers willing to work at least 2 hours.  These spots will fill up this day, so if you want to sign up to volunteer and consign we recommend you be ready at 3:00 pm when it opens. Remember that all volunteers get to register to consign early and shop early!

**With these special perks, comes responsibility. Remember you must work the hours you signed up for OR contact Laura Strange at (205) 540-4527 immediately if you must miss a shift, so she can assign another volunteer to take those hours. All shifts will be worked AFTER the sale finishes. We understand emergencies arise, but please make every effort to be at your assigned shift or call in advance and we will make arrangements for you to work at another time.**

Volunteer shopping will be Friday, April 9th and Saturday, April 10th depending on the amount of hours you volunteer. All shopping will be allowed into the sale website with a password specific to your time. Please do NOT share your passwords! The system will know if you do and we will be forced to ask you to not return as a volunteer in the fall.

Volunteer Shopping Times:

Friday, April 9th:

Megas shop at 1:00 pm

20 hours shop at 3:00 pm

Bring-A-Meal/Snacks shop at 5:00 pm (See details below)

Saturday, April 10th:

10 hours shop at 10:00 am

6 hours shop at 1:00 pm

2 hours shop at 3:00 pm

Each group will be let into the sale website with a special password. Please do not share your password!

We need your husbands! – We will have several MAN SHIFTS available to sign up for this sale.  We need men to help with set up on Sunday, April 18th and with breakdown on Saturday, April 24th.  We also need men to help us during the pick-up days (April 22-24) to carry furniture and heavy items out for people.

Consignor Registration – You are not required to volunteer to consign in our sale.  For consignors not wanting to volunteer, registration will be Sunday, March 7th at 3pm for Returning Consignors and if there is space March 14th for New Consignors at 3pm until full.  Please see our website for all details and read our Info Section for all the info you will need to be a consignor. Consignors will get to shop online early on Sunday, April 11th  at 8am. They will also receive a password to give to TWO friends/family members to shop early on Monday, April 12th.

Consigning will be different this sale.  But the process is simple! All items you want to consign will be entered as inventory into our new shopping website powered by Shopify. Attached to this email is the instructions for how to do this. All you need is a smart phone with a camera. You can only upload one picture per item. This is a drawback to this system, but not one we can change. You can create a collage photo if you’d like to show front and back. All inventory must be entered by midnight on Tuesday, April 6th.

Only the items you actually sell will be tagged and brought to the church. Each consignor will make a drop off appointment to bring their sold and tagged items to the church between Sunday, April 18th and Tuesday, April 20th. Items will be checked at drop off and any stained items will be removed from the sale with a refund to the purchaser. Then, volunteers will sort all items into the orders. All buyers will pick up their purchased items by appointment beginning on Wednesday, April 21st through Saturday, April 24th.

Please note that due to the increased cost of doing an online sale, the Consignor fee will now be $10.

First Time Consignor – If you are a first time consignor we are excited to have you.  Please read our website because we are VERY particular about the items we accept.  Also, during registration you will sign up for a consignor number that you will keep as long as you consign with us.

Missions & VIP shopping day will be Tuesday, April 13th starting at 8am. We have a shopping time to support two local missions, our local food and clothing pantry – TEAM (Trussville Ecumenical Assistive Ministry), and Clay elementary clothes closet. We will divide the donations equally among the 2 groups. Anyone may shop on Tuesday, April 13th by donating $15. Then, at specified times, there will be early shopping for new moms, teachers, and foster parents. We are also adding healthcare workers to VIP shopping for this sale!

Childcare– Due to department of health requirements, we will not be able to offer childcare at all this sale. We sincerely apologize for this.

Meals and Snacks –  If you are interested in bringing a meal or snacks to our hardworking volunteers, please email with Meal” in the subject line and the number of the meals and/or snacks you would like to be in the drawing for.  Please include your Full Name, consignor # (if applicable) in your email. We will draw for the winners and notify them via email.  Due to the change of dates, please re-email us to enter the meal drawing again.

To make the meal process more fair, we are partnering with Meals by Misty to provide a set menu for the week. Each day will be different meal to feed 15 women, but very close to the same price. You will need to pick up the meal from Meals by Misty (a few blocks from church) and deliver to the church at the specified time. Please make sure that you bring a minimum of the food that is specified for the snacks. Extra is always appreciated! If you are chosen to provide a meal or snacks you will get to shop at 5pm on Friday, April 9th.


  1. Sunday – April 18th – Meals by Misty Meal delivered by 5pm
  2. Monday – April 19th – Meals by Misty Meal delivered by 2pm
  3. Tuesday – April 20th – Meals by Misty Meal delivered by 2pm
  4. Wednesday – April 21st – Meals by Misty Meal delivered by 2pm
  5. Thursday – April 22nd – Meals by Misty Meal delivered by 2pm
  6. Friday – April 23rd – Meals by Misty Meal delivered by 2pm
  7. Saturday – April 24th – Meals by Misty Meal delivered by 12 noon


  1. Sunday – April 18th – Snacks – 200 servings (of different varieties chips, crackers, nuts, chocolate, cheez-its, granola bars, candy) Delivered to the church at 3:00
  2. Sunday – April 18th – Paper products and drinks – 120 plates, 200 napkins and 120 forks.  5 cases of water and 4- 6 packs of bottled cokes. Delivered to the church at 3:00
  3. Sunday – April 18th – Drinks – 3 – 12 packs of Dt Coke, 1 – 12 pack of coke zero, 1 – 12 pack of Dt Mt Dew and 3 cases of water.  Delivered to the church at 3:00
  4. Sunday – April 18th – Drinks – 4 – 12 packs of regular Coke, 2 – 12 packs of Sprite, 1 – 12 pack of Dr Pepper, 1 – 12 pack of Mt Dew, 3 cases water.   Delivered to the church at 3:00
  5. Sunday – April 18th – Desserts – 200 servings (different variety of individually wrapped candy, cookies, sweets) Delivered to the church at 3:00
  6. Wednesday  – April 21st  – 2 – 12 packs Diet Coke, 5 – 6 pack bottled Cokes, 2 – 6 pack bottled Sprite, 50 servings of snacks (of different varieties chips, crackers, nuts, chocolate, cheez-its, granola bars). Delivered to the church at 1pm
  7. Wednesday – April 21st– 4 cases water,1-8 pack of lemon/lime Gatorade, 1-6 pack of Diet Coke bottles and 50 servings of Dessert items. Delivered to the church at 1pm.

We are looking forward to another great sale and we couldn’t do it without all of you!

Trussville Methodist Consignment Sale Committee