Public Shopping
Thank you to all who participated in our Fall/Winter Sale. It was a great success! Our upcoming Spring Consignment Sale will open to the public from 8 am-7 pm on Friday, March 13, 2020 and 8 am-2 pm Saturday, March 14, 2020. We currently accept Cash, Visa, and Master Card only so be prepared.

New Mom Shopping
We allow new mom’s to shop on Thursday night at 6:00 pm. A new mom is anyone who is pregnant with their first child, or their first child is less than 6 months old. New moms are allowed to bring ONE guest with them to help them carry items. Absolutely no children are allowed on this night, so if you have a newborn, you will need to leave them at home. I know this is very hard, but it is extremely crowded on Thursday night and not the best environment for an infant. To register to shop as a new mom, go HERE. Print out the email and bring it with you or you can show us the email on your phone.

Teacher Shopping
We allow teachers to shop at 6:30 pm on Thursday night. Teachers must show their teacher ID or a pay stub.

Foster Parents Shopping
Foster parent shopping begins at 6:30 pm on Thursday night. Foster parents must show a foster letter to shop.

We have made EVERY effort to ensure that no recalled items are in our sale, however we will have a “recalled” book available at the sale for you to review before you purchase any items or you can check

Children During Public Sale
Please consider leaving your children at home! I know that sounds terrible, but unlike Wal-mart and Target, the toys at our sale have already been opened and many of the pieces are in ziplock bags and taped to toys. The temptation to play with a toy that is already out of the box is almost too great for most children. If children play with these toys the chances of the main item and the pieces becoming separated increases. If you bring your child, they must stay at your side, which makes shopping difficult. If you have an infant, consider wearing them in a snuggly. Because of the amount of people and the lack of space, strollers are discouraged especially during the first hours of public sale.

Shopping Tips
• Bring something to carry your findings in while you shop – a laundry basket with a rope tied to the handle works well.
• Bring a list of your kids measurements and a tape measure. A quick way to check the length of pants is to measure a pair from home that fit using a piece of string. Cut the string so that it is the length of the pants from the waist to the bottom of the pants leg. If the pants at the sale are shorter than the string, you know that they will be floods on your child.
• Trace your child’s foot on cardboard and bring it to slip into shoes. We encourage you to leave your children at home and this is the best way to see “if the shoe fits”

Have you considered becoming a volunteer? By volunteering you will have the opportunity to shop first (translation: get the best deals). You can volunteer 2, 6, or 9 hours and shop before consignors. Check times to see time you would shop for each hour worked.