You can purchase Hangers & Pins during the following dates and times:
20 Hangers $3.00 | 100 Pins $1.00
Sunday, September 26th, 4-6 PM
Thursday, October 7th, 4-6 PM
Sunday, October 10th, 4-6 PM
Thursday, October 14th, 4-6 PM


What’s new this sale?

  • NO Breast pumps.
  • NO Breast pump accessories, bottles, or other feeding items unless NEW with tags in original packaging.
  • NO Bras, panties, or other undergarments unless NEW with tags in original packaging.
  • NO Maternity clothing

(only accepted during Spring sale moving forward)

  • Limit of 10 pairs of your best shoes, more if they are marked DONATE

The Trussville Methodist Consignment Sale is the largest mission of our church. We help the children’s and youth ministries of the church as well as children’s and youth programs outside of the church. This sale also ministers to local food and clothing pantries, clothes closets at local schools, foster parents, and many other community programs.

Being a consigner is a great way to make extra money, find great deals on items that are new or “new to you”, eliminate the hassle of selling online, and contribute to a wonderful ministry.

We have a large number of wonderful volunteers that are invaluable to this sale. Not only do they serve the church and community, but they have a lot of fun and fellowship while doing so. We love our volunteers and we are always looking for more, so if you would like to join us, we would love to have you!

Please take the time to read the Frequently Asked Questions section below, thoroughly. Most likely, your question will be answered, but if not, contact us here and we will be glad to help you.

DONATE ALL Consignors can begin shopping at 11:00 AM on Thursday morning of the sale week. All other Consignors can shop at 1:00 PM on Thursday afternoon.

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Children’s clothing: must be seasonally appropriate Only Fall and Winter items during Fall sale and Spring and Summer items during Spring sale will be accepted. Items must be in good condition with no staining or holes. We will accept girl’s sizes 0-16 & boys 0-18. **We will only accept current styles clothing. Please think about consigning brands/items from stores like Tula J’s, South Boutique, Pants Store, Anthropologie, Gap, Free People, J.Crew, Urban Outfitters, etc.

Maternity clothing: We accept Maternity for all seasons during the Spring sale only. Please realize that maternity sales are generally limited.  Be selective to your best items and price accordingly. Consider marking items 50% off for half price day.

Children’s Shoes and Accessories: We will accept up to 10 CLEAN Children’s shoes per consignor.  Additional shoes may be consigned but must be marked DONATE. We also accept children’s accessories such as hair bows, hats, belts, backpacks, purses etc.

Toys, Games, Puzzles, and DVD’s: Toys must have working batteries, and will be checked before being accepted. Toys must contain all necessary parts and be clean and ready to play.

Children’s Furniture and accessories: We will accept cradles, cribs (NO drop-side cribs or cribs that were built prior to June 2012), gliders, rockers, dressers, lamps, pictures, bedding, and children’s decor. We will also accept strollers, car seats/booster seats (must be manufactured in the last 4 years OR have at least two years left before expiration date) exersaucers, walkers, pack-in-plays, swings, jumpers and many other items too many to mention.

The CPSIA law makes it illegal to sell any item that has been recalled. All consignors will be required to sign that they have reviewed all recalled items on the website or reviewed the recalled items book that we will offer at receiving and none of the items they are selling have been recalled.

Crib Bedding – Please do not consign any bedding over 3 years old or that is worn or stained. Please hang on a hanger. Do not put in a plastic bag.

Receiving blankets – clean and hung on a hanger


If you consign something that does not work or is missing pieces and it is returned to us, we will refund the original cost of the item to the purchaser, remove the 70% you received, AND we will charge you a 30% return fee. We are hoping that this will ensure that all consignors check their items before consigning.

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NO plastic or plastic coated wire hangers will be accepted.
NO straight pins – They are dangerous to workers and shoppers!!!
NO small safety pins – they do not stay attached very well and tags tend to fall off.
NO clothes that are stained or have holes will be accepted.

Please do not waste your time tagging items we cannot accept.

Recalled items are never allowed. Please check to make sure that your items have not been recalled. Here is a great website to check it out. Just a reminder about what some restrictions we have on accepted items.
We only accept cribs manufactured after June 2012.

No crib bumpers.
No children’s jewelry at all.
No baby bath seats manufactured before 2011 (if they have suction cups or are missing a warning label, it was probably manufactured before 2011)
No clothing with drawstrings at the neck.
No Breast pumps.
No Breast pump accessories, pacifiers, bottles, or other feeding items unless NEW with tags in original packaging.
No Bras, panties, training pants or other undergarments unless NEW with tags in original packaging.
No diaper pails or genies.
NO VHS tapes
Non-electronic stuffed animals
We will not accept out-of-season clothing (only fall/winter clothes at Fall sale and Spring/Summer Clothes at Spring sale. With the exception that we always accept blue jeans, short sleeve polo type shirts, team shirts (Alabama, Auburn or high school) and maternity.
We will not accept clothing that is stained, torn or is out of date. If you have children in middle school, please do not consign their baby clothes. A good barometer is if it hasn’t been worn in 5 years, it is out of date.
We will not sale any items that may frighten or offend children.
We will also not accept outdoor toys at the Fall and Winter Sale. Bikes, wagons and riding toys are accepted at all sales.
Tennis shoes or shoes if they are very worn and dirty. Please wash all tennis shoes before consigning.

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To become a consignor, you must register, tag your items appropriately, and drop off your items at the church during stated times.

We have two sales a year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. Due to limitations on space, we will allow up to 500 consignors each sale. We will ONLY accept Spring & Summer items for the spring sale and Fall and Winter items for the Fall sale.


  • Blue Jeans
  • Auburn/Alabama items
  • Maternity for all seasons will be accepted in the Spring. We do not accept maternity in the Fall due to space limitations.

Sellers receive 70% of their proceeds with the remaining 30% supporting our children’s ministries. Sellers also pay a $10.00 consignor fee each sale. This amount is deducted from the final paycheck at the end of the sale and is not due upfront.

To make sure you get all of our information, make sure to get on our email list.

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Registration: registration is approximately 6-8 week prior to the sale. If you are on the mailing list, you will receive an email explaining the dates and times. Registration slots fill up quickly so be ready to go at the proper times.

We register once per week, on a Sunday afternoon, and it happens in this order: volunteers, returning consignors, new consignors, then lastly, we have a second chance consignor registration.

To register, click on the Registration/Login link in the main menu.

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We only take gently worn non-stained items. Beginning in the fall of 2019, we are no longer accepting boutique stained items *Please note….in the strong lighting of the check-in room, we will find stains you did not notice. Nearly every consignor has stained things returned.

Clothing must be on metal hangers secured with safety pins as needed. Clothing should hang so the hanger hook is going to the left and the tag placed on the right. And see our Facebook page for more videos on how to hang and tag correctly.

Tag your items using only Trussville Methodist Consignment Sale tags. Tags must be printed ONLY on card stock. We will accept TMCCS tags from previous sales/years.
If you want to DONATE any of your unsold items after the sale is complete, please hand write DONATE at the top of all our tags.

Shoes need to be zip-tied together or placed in a large zip-top bag with the top taped shut with strong packing tape.

Toys and Baby Equipment: Fasten tags securely to your items with clear packaging tape. Do not use scotch or masking tape. You can also punch a hole in the top of your tag and attach the tag securely with a ribbon or string tied very securely or a zip tie. If there are several pieces that are being sold together, please zip tie these together and have a tag for each one that says, 1 of 3 and 2 of 3, etc…

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For regular Consignors, receiving happens at Trussville First United Methodist Church on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of sale week. You are encouraged to make an appointment for your drop off time to avoid long lines. You will see signs directing you to the rear of the church for receiving.

DONATE ALL consignors will have no lines, no waiting!! Again, DONATE ALL means you are willing to donate everything that did not sell by Saturday at 2 pm.

Second Chance Consignors: Thursday from 9-11 is Second Chance Drop Off. If you registered as a second chance consignor, you must drop off this day and this time. This day cannot be used by regular consignors as their drop off time for all their items, but it can be used by regular consignors to drop off a few additional items. Second chance consignors must bring only those items allowed at Second Chance.

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Donate All is a wonderful thing for you, for the sale, and for the charities we support. You agree to donate all your items which do not sell by 2pm on Saturday (end of sale). The items are all given to TEAM to sell at Dollar Dash which happens on Saturday and Sunday after our sale is over. TEAM sells these items to earn money to buy food for their pantry and assist clients in other ways.

If you agree to donate all, you can skip the lines at receiving and our volunteers will take all your items first. You will receive a $5 coupon to use at the sale and you can shop before all the other consignors on Thursday at 11 am!

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The short answer is NO!
We have had a problem with items being sold that are missing pieces or do not work. This is a problem for everyone because it gives our sale a bad name, and will cause people to be cautious about everything they buy. This is not fair to the consignors who double-check everything before they consign. We expect all toys to come in clean and in working order. You must include batteries so our receiving volunteers can check that the toy works. If it doesn’t work, it will be returned to you.

As has been stated repeatedly about consigning at our sale, consignors are required to make sure that all pieces are there and the items are in working order. Unfortunately, every year we receive items that should not be sold. For that reason, we have created a return fee. If you consign something that does not work or is missing pieces and it is returned to us, we will refund the original cost of the item to the purchaser, remove the 70% you received, AND we will charge you a 30% return fee. We are hoping that this will ensure that all consignors check their items before consigning.

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All sales are final, with the exception of a toy with missing pieces or that is broken.

Item must be missing pieces or not working. Item must have been packed in a way that it was impossible to “check” before it was purchased. Example: Game system that needed to be hooked to a TV or DVD that was taped up and was scratched.

Must be returned by Noon on the Saturday of the sale (all sales final, from Noon – 2 pm) and it must have the consignor’s tag with it.

Purchaser will be returned the tagged price of the item.

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Follow these directions to print your tags:

-From the sale website:
-Hover over “Consignor”
-Click on “Consignor log in”
-Type in consignor number and password
-Click on “Activities Menu”
-Click “Barcode Labels/tags”
-Fill in price you need to print
-Fill in # of labels at this price
-Click “submit barcode”
-Continue to add barcodes to your order until you are done.
-Click “submit order” on the right
-When the next screen opens, click on “Display Barcoded Tags for Printing”
-PDF opens

You do not have to print 6 per page!
You can use old tags AND new tags!

To donate, you will need to write a RED “D”or “DONATE” on the right-hand corner of all tags.

**We recommend that you save the .pdf of your tags to your computer, flash drive or the cloud so that you can print in between sales.***

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***WE DO allow you to use tags you may have printed from previous sales. This is OK!!
Tags must be printed on white cardstock only! Absolutely NO regular paper tags.
Click on the “Print Tags” link on the Consignors menu of this website.
Enter your Consignor number in the blank provided.
Enter the price (whole dollar increments only!) A PRICE MUST BE ENTERED ON THE COMPUTER! If price is entered by hand, when someone goes to pay for your item, it will ring up as $0.00.
Select your Discount option
“Yes” means you want the item discounted 50% on Saturday, the Sale Discount Day.
“No” means you DO NOT want the item discounted 50% on Saturday, the Sale Discount Day.
Select your Donate option
“Yes” means you want the item to be donated to charity if unsold.
“No” means you DO NOT want the item to be donated to charity if unsold. You must pick your unsold, non-donated items during our designated pick up time or they will be sent to charity anyway.
Click “Submit”
A sheet of 6 identical tags in PDF format will pop up on your screen, along with your computer’s print box. Select the correct printer and select “Print”.
If you want to print another sheet identical to that which you just printed, select the button “Print Another Copy”.
Once your tags are printed, cut each sheet into separate tags.
Label each tag with the item’s size (if appropriate) and description.
If you want to print tags with different pricing or discount information, select the button “Enter More Barcodes.” You will return to the screen, where you must enter your consignor number and other information again.
IMPORTANT: If your tag does not say “No Discount” in the lower right-hand corner of the tag, then your item WILL be discounted 50% on Saturday!
IMPORTANT 2: If you are choosing to donate unsold items at the end of the sale, you will need to
Handwrite a RED “D” or “Donate” in the top right corner of the tag.
Please do not write “Do Not Donate” on the tag. This may result in your item mistakenly being added to the donate pile!

Pinning your items : Pin tags with SAFETY PINS ONLY to the front left shoulder of the shirt (diagram below). Please use the largest safety pin you can find (the smallest especially the gold ones do not stay on well). We have safety pins available for sale. All clothes, blankets, and sheet sets should be hung on metal hangers with hook turned away from the tag. Metal hanger should look like a question mark. Pin clothing sets together with safety pins and use only one tag. Attach tags to boxes and Ziploc bags with packing tape, place tag outside of Ziploc bag with closure taped shut.

Labeling your items: When sizing clothing use numbers (2T,4T,6 etc) only. No S, M, L, etc. Label if pants are a slim (example size 6S). All areas of the tag must be completed as directed. Give a description, color, design, brand, shirt, etc. Items must be priced at $1 or above and be in dollar increments. Smaller items may be sold together. Bag items together and/or pin sets together.

Presort: Please sort your items by size and gender. If more than 2 items please group together.

Shirts: Hang shirts on the hanger with the top of the hanger pointed to the left (an easy way to remember which direction is that it will be in the same direction as a question mark ? ) If the shirt has a large neck and might slip off, it is best to attach safety pins at the top of the hanger (as in the third picture of the diagram). It is recommended to do this for all shirts oversize 10 and ALL maternity clothing.

Pants: All pants, especially maternity and larger sizes should be hung on the top of the hanger. This is done so that the pants do not gather and hang from one end of the hanger. If the pants are larger place the safety pin closer to the middle to ensure they will not slip to the bottom of the hanger.

Sets: Sets tend to sell better. To hang sets make sure that both the tops and bottoms show (third picture). Make sure to have the front of the bottoms show if they have a design on it or if it has knees – so that the buyer can see the wear on them.
If the outfit has a tie, hair bow or socks that you would like to sell with it, place them in a Ziploc bag, tape the bag shut, put a Multiple tag (see directions for multiple items tagging) on the outside and hang item from hook of hanger (punch hole using the hook to hang).

Shoes: If shoes are small enough, place in a Ziploc bag with the tag on the outside. Tape the top of the bag closed so that the shoes cannot be taken out and separated from bag (and your seller number). It is best to mark each shoe with masking tape and your seller number in case they get separated. If shoes are too big for bags, tie through eyelets with curling ribbon or use two separate bags taped together. Make sure that tennis shoes are washed and not too worn.

Tagging Toys and Baby Equipment: Fasten tags securely to your items with clear packaging tape. Do not use scotch or masking tape. You can also punch a hole in the top of your tag and attach the tag securely with a ribbon or string.

Tagging socks, small items, small toy sets: Socks, rattles, hair bows and other small items will sell much better if sold as a set. Please put these similar items together in one Ziploc bag. Clearly label what is in the bag on your tag, and tape the tag on the outside of the Ziploc bag, so that it is visible from the outside. Close your Ziploc carefully and seal the top with tape. Do not bag blankets, bibs, hats, burpcloths, onesies, pajamas. Hang everything that can be hung. Pin a tag directly to items that can’t be hung, such as hats and bibs.

Back-up tag (optional): You can also put masking tape with your consignor number on your items. Should the original tag get lost, we at least know whose item it is, and can possibly re-tag it. Put the tape on the inside of clothing or the bottom of toys, strollers, etc.

Multiple items for one price: Place a tag with the price on the biggest item. On that tag put the number of items in group (ex. 1 of 4). On each additional item place a tag with your seller number and description and in the price put an X where the price should be and mark through the barcode then put which number of group (ex 2 of 4). Use multiple tags for large items with several pieces (ex. Dollhouse or little people toys) or clothing that includes accessories (hair bows ties etc.)


NO plastic or plastic coated wire will be accepted.
NO straight pins – They are dangerous to workers and shoppers!!!
NO small safety pins – they do not stay attached very well and tags tend to fall off.
NO clothes that are stained or have holes will be accepted.


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You set your own price. You can use this pricing guide as a guideline, but pricing depends a lot on the brand and the shape your item is in. Toys, Equipment, and Infant Items tend to sell best. Maternity Clothing and Children’s Clothing sizes newborn to 12 months and sizes 12 and larger do not sell as well. On the items most in demand (sizes 18 months to size 7) we suggest anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 of the original price. Brand names and quality items usually bring more. We strongly recommend marking your items to go ½ price for the Half Price Day. If your item hasn’t sold at full price the first day, it will most likely not sell at full price during the discount day. Great places to do some research on pricing are e-bay and local consignment stores. Below are suggestions for pricing, these are examples for your more common brands, such as Carters, GAP, Old Navy, Osh Kosh, Gymboree, etc. Boutique and European brands such as Strasburg, Oilily, Orient Expressed, Mis Tee V Us, Baby Lulu, etc. should be priced a little higher.

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These are only suggestions please use at your own risk.

  • Yellow Stains after storing: Mix a cup of regular, (powder) dishwasher soap, a cup of non-chlorine bleach, and a scoop your regular laundry soap. Put that in a load of hot water, add the clothes and soak overnight. Finish the cycle as usual in the morning.
  • Kool-aid or Jello-type stains: Hot Water works great. Hold fabric taunt and pour hot water from a height of about 8 inches. Rinse and soak as needed.
    Crayons on clothing that was washed: apply Goop (hand cleaner found at Walmart etc) liberally to stain and then allow to sit. Put it in your regular wash. This is an inexpensive product to try on fabrics that have been washed with crayon.
  • Plastic toys with stains, marks or stickers: Oops is a latex paint remover that has worked well to remove stains, marks and stickers from of plastic toys. Test the toy if the plastic is thin, but most thicker plastic toys such as Little Tikes will do well. This will also take crayon off of chalkboards without damaging the finish! Remember to wear rubber gloves! Find this product at Wal-Mart and most hardware stores.
  • Plastic Toys: Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser works wonders on plastic toys. Test a small area on the toy first before using all over.
  • Shoe Laces: Soak your white laces in Biz and your shoes will look 80% better!
  • Grease Stains: For dark spots on dark fabrics, which are usually a grease stain, use Dawn Dishwashing Liquid. Rub into the stain and wash as normal. Almost always works great, even if the item has been dried in the dryer. Occasionally it will take treating twice.
    Grease stains: on clothes that have already been dried in the dryer, rub baby powder into the fabric and let sit about 5 minutes, baby powder will soak up the grease. Then wash as normal. May have to do several times.
  • Ink and some non-washable markers: can be cleaned with regular aerosol hairspray by straying and then washing.
  • Blood and a variety of other stains: can be cleaned by soaking the stain with Hydrogen Peroxide them washing.
  • Stains: Sometimes will fade/be ‘bleached’ by placing the item outside in the sun.

Cleaning products worth mentioning

  • Mother’s Miracle – Great for spit-up, urine, blood, etc. Found at Babies R’ Us
  • Clorox bleach pen – is a good spot remover on white fabrics.
  • Goop – hand cleaner – good for grease – goes on without water – apply liberally and let sit, then put in regular wash cycle. Has been found to remove stains from clothes that were washed and dried.
  • Oxy Clean Warm/hot water is the key here. Make a paste with warm water and apply directly to the stain with a toothbrush. Allow this to sit for at least an hour. Rinse in warm water and reapply if necessary. Soak in a sink of warm water and dissolved Oxy Clean crystals for an hour or so before washing in warm water. This has gotten many stains out for me, but can take more than 1 application
  • Biz: is great for soaking all kinds of stains loose. Just soak in the sink then wash as directed in the washer.
  • Tilex: This product normally found in the bathroom will work on white clothes with mildew stains? It is a bleaching product, so beware and use carefully. On white clothes, just spray on the stain and let sit, simply rinsing if you see blue spots appear. Using Tilex on colored clothes should really be a last resort as bleach spots are easy to cause.
  • Greased Lightning: (sold with household cleaners). Just spray on your stain (DON’T be alarmed when clothing changes color, it will return to original color during wash), let it sit for a while and then wash as usual. Most stains will come out in the wash. Difficult stains may require spraying a couple of times.
  • Carbona Stain Remover: many solutions for different types of fabric.

Trussville Methodist Consignment Sale is in no way endorsing the use of any of the above products (name brands) or methods. These are tips used by myself and other individuals that have worked. Follow manufacturer instructions for use and check the care label of your garments. We are in no way liable for damage done to any piece of merchandise as a result of the use of tips on our website

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